Tuesday, 1 February 2011

MORE facial close-ups.

One of my very favourite Gotz girls, a 1960s crude eyed doll that photographs so dramatically. Here she is seen in a Pinestreetstudio outfit with the large floppy white wide brimmed hat.

My dark skinned 1969 NO fringe Dungaree girl in a OOAK Jill Mackley smocked Three Bears dress.

Fritz showing off in his baseball hat worn backwards and Dollydoodle T shirt.

A very pretty 1966/7 Dungaree NP in a Ruthsdolls limited edition floral dress.

A customised by Shelly and Alison 1969 Trendon doll seen here in her original Party Dress.

Fritz, a 1960s slate eyed sharp nosed Gotz boy seen here wearing a Tommy Hilfiger denim sleeveless jacket over a Dollydoodles T shirt.

1969 Frido Dungaree girl in a OOAK Ruthsdoll's smocked checked dress.

A 1967 Blue Cord Frido NP girl seen here in a NGould shorts, hat and shirt summer outfit.

1960s pale skinned slate eyed Gotz girl in a dainty pink/white stripped Jill Mackley OOAK smocked dress.

Frido 1968 crude eyed Gregor Shorts boy in a Dollydoodle T shirt.

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  1. PPSSSSTT!! Kids! Come and have a holiday with your Aunty Sarah and cousins for a while....
    We've got lots of toys!!
    We're coming to see you soon and you could ask Mummy if it would be ok.
    Maybe not?
    xxx lol