Friday, 4 February 2011

Had enough of facial close-ups yet?

1968 Single Fringe Dungaree girl with the smaller sized eyes and full centre part in a Sashawardrobe Liberty Print dress.

1967 brunette Gingham NP in a Pinestreetstudio patchwork dress.

One of my favourite dolls, 1967 NP with the modern bobbed hair in her favourite Ruthsdolls smocked checked school dress.

A once 'mint in box' slate eyed mid 1960s Gotz girl in a Betsy-May cullotte/tank top set.

A customised by Raven 1990s Gotz toddler Ekle, in dungarees from eBay and Ruthsdolls T shirt.

Anis, an early Trendon baby Nightdress, re-rooted in mohair by Bettina and wearing part of a 1990s Gotz outfit.

An early Trendon Nightdress baby in a pretty little dress by the Tenesse Sisters.

A Trendon mid 70s baby boy in a OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit commisioned by myself.

Another early Trendon baby in a OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit.

Early Trendon baby Nightdress with delightfully painted eyes in a commissioned OOAK Ruthsdolls checked romper outfit.

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  1. Aunty Kendal we are thinking of ALL of us coming again to see you soon as Mummy says she has forgotten who was here last time and we are all wanting to visit so Mummy is looking for extra travelling containers so we dont fall out with each other!
    THEN you cant tell her off for forgetting the wrong niece or nephew and we ALL can play!
    Love from us all and the Chi's xxx