Friday, 7 May 2010

My Childhood Family Home.

Found myself the other day (whilst taking photos for the Sasha World Magazine) less than a hundred metres from our old family home and so still with my camera around my neck I took the following....

Our 17th Century family house set in Audley in rural Staffordshire.
When the stage coach passed the house in the olden days the horn was sounded to let the Inn in Nantwich (about 8 kilometres away) know that the passengers would be arriving an hour or so from then.

View showing the position of the garages in relation to the house with the main driveway inbetween.

Double garage with games/party room above that we had built to match the style of the house.

Main driveway.

View of one of the sides of the house by the main drive.

Another back view showing the unusual chimneys.

Back gate to the house from the side lane.

The stables and hay loft (pigstys and barn on each of the sides now demolished) that have since been converted.

Our field next to the stables, hay loft and barn.

The view from the house.