Monday, 3 May 2010

Fritz has fun on a small holding.

What are you looking at, Fritz?

I'm looking at what the Woodpeckers are doing to this poor tree trunk.

Are you still following me?

Be careful Fritz that you don't fall down the well.

I'm planning on climbing each of these pear trees in this row.

Fritz collecting some sheep's wool caught on the fencing.

....and who are you then?

Fritz getting ready to raise the jockey wheel once the trailor is secured to the car.

This Clematis looks really inviting to climb!

Gosh! I think that I'm well and truly stuck! Help somebody!

Fritz checking the 'acrobat' that is used on the back of a tractor to turn and row-in the cut grass during hay making.

Just checking the Winter fuel stock.

How is one expected to have a decent looking lawn with these moles continually making these hills?

Just listening for any recent mole activity.

Are you stalking me then?

Just look at the mess that the squirrels make around the bird feeder.

Exhausted, so I'll just take a short rest before returning home.

1 comment:

  1. My, Fritz! What an exhausting day.
    How did you keep your clothes so clean and tidy, out on the smallholding? Our boys come back filthy from trips around our fields!