Sunday, 14 November 2010

Second baby changing day.

Early 1970s baby Nightdress in a Sashawardrobe fleece jacket and Dollworks tights. These little fleeces are my favourite Sashawardrobe items as they make the babies look so cosy and warm.

Another 1970s Trendon baby nightdress whose eyes have started to oxidise wearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit.

A Ruthsdolls OOAK outfit seen on yet another Trendon 1970s baby Nightdress.

A slightly later 1970s baby customised by Shelly and wearing a Monique Stormy wig seen here ia a 1990s Gotz Max dungaree outfit.

She arrived here as an unopened MIB 1969/70 Baby Nightdress with the quirky eye brow and I had the sheer pleasure of taking splitting the celophane sheet and lifting her out of the box. She is wearing a little white fleece and tights by Sasha wardrobe.

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