Monday, 15 November 2010

Back changing the big kids into warmer wear.

I just love this little 1960s slate eyed Gotz waif who came to me with a bobbed hair cut and shorn off fringe. She stayed like this for several years until I came across the Monique wigs. Here she is wearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit and reminds me of a little Victorian poorer child.

I bought this 1968 Dungaree doll MANY years ago now along with her blonde brother who was also MIT from the US. Unfortunatly over time her hair bands snapped and her hair became unravelled. Here she is wearing my very FIRST Ruthsdolls dress that I rather naughtily bought straight off one of Ruth's own dolls who had come wearing it to Dawn's FIRST Sasha funday. Commercially made tights and socks.

1967 NP with the very modern trendy hair style seen here wearing a Ruthsdoll's OOAK outfit. Her sister is featured below. One of my top favourite dolls.

Another very similar 1967 NP wearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit. One of my favourite of my blue eyed blonde haired NP girls.

Here she is with her sister, another 1967 NP but with the bobbed hair and wearing a similar OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit.

1990s pale skinned Gotz Stella customined by Kelly in a Sashawardrobe Liberty print smock style dress, Trendon tights and commercially manufactured shoes.

1960s Gotz slate eyed girl with a slightly older look seen here in a Vintage-Sasha trousers and top under a Ruthsdolls gilet, beret and shoes.

1960s slate eyed pony-tailed Gotz girl in a OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit.

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