Saturday, 25 September 2010

A new outfit for Faith.

I literally begged for this little outfit that my friend got on a new doll though only IF he didn't want to keep it as I just loved the look of it. I firstly tried it on Faith (who needs an outfit when I can finally get her out of her favourite Dollydoodles shorts and T shirt... we are still hoping to go back to the seaside for another day and keeping dressed like this assures her that she will be one of the ones going along!) and I think that she looks really cute. Many, many thanks Steve!
Next came the problem of the footwear, thinking JJ sandals or my favourite commercially made shoes in the dusky pink, but these UGG boots that I had just bought off Shelly's website arrived on the same day and I thought 'Well, why not?' ...and so the problem was solved.

MUST have another look one of these days at the way I have pulled her fringe over to the side!

I have a pink Jane Woodbrige cardigan that I think might go over the little dress for extra warmth now that the weather has an Autumnal 'nip' to it. Will delve into the clothing boxes at the next available minute.

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