Friday, 25 June 2010

My Beach Boys thanks to Dollydoodles latest creations.

1960s Gotz Fritz has 'bagged' the Dollydoodles red, white and blue American board shorts and has red and blue odd trainers on his feet. Whatever next! (I think that the Trendon boys being that little bit younger are a little in awe of him!)

Judging by the wearing of the caps back to front there has obviously been a little too much of watching Leytton Hewitt at Wimbledon!

1970 customised by Shelly Gregor, Jac, wearing Bermuda board shorts and T-shirt by Dollydoodles and JJ flip-flops ready for his surfing.

Fritz, a 1960s Gotz lad in bright and jazzy board shorts and white T-shirt, again another Dollydoodle fantastic board set, Pinestreetstudio cap and manfactured canvas trainers. He can't not fail in this outfit to catch the Sashas' eyes!

James, my Trendon 1971 Gregor wearing his fabulous new Dollydoodle board shorts and co-ordinating T-shirt, manufactured trainers and N.Gould hat. This colour really enhances his eyes and oh boy, does he know it!

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  1. Uncle Adrian will be giving the boys lessons in surfing as he says he cant have them with their leg ropes on their wrists and it would save their lives to have them on their ankles depending on whether they are left or right footed!
    He will tell them all about it when he sees them next or takes them to the seaside! xx