Sunday, 20 June 2010

12. Summer Clothes Change.

Iain is wearing a 'cool blue' colour co-ordinated outfit again by Dollydoodles and manufactured trainers. (Cap unknown.)

Are you copying Fritz or Hewitt wearing your cap like that?

1060s Gotz Fritz almost 'dressed to kill' in this Dollydoodle grey/navy set, manufactured canvas trainers and cap unknown and looking like a real rougue/ruffian is bound to be noticed by the girls. You can tell that he thinks that he's 'the cat's pyjamas'!

Ross, a 1969/70 Gregor, now wearing his comfortable soft cotton Doolydoodle shorts that have just arrived here under his Dollydoodle grey marl T-shirt and with his manufactured trainers on his feet and England rucksac on his back he feels that he is ready for any outing or adventure.(Cap unknown.)

Jac, a 1970 customised by Shelly Gregor wearing his Dollydoodle's T-shirt over shorts (unknown) Pinestreet cap and manufactured canvas trainers he looks a dear little loveable 'chappy.'

1969 Gregor, Ross, in a grey marl Dollydoodles T-shirt bought to go over denim jeans but seen here with maunfactured beige shorts, as the weather decided to change and become warm and sunny. He is also showing off his just acquired England backpack.

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