Saturday, 5 September 2009

Back again to the girls. (T)

1967 NP Gingham wearing the Pinestreetstudio dress but without the accompanying hat.

New 1967 NP not yet home clothed.

1960s Gotz slate eyed waif now wigged with a Monique Peggy-Sue in frosted strawberry blonde and wearing a Ruthsdolls outfit.

1969 Gregor wigged with a cut Monique Peggy-Sue and wearing a Pinestreet studio skirt with a Ruthsdolls blouse and Jean Jenson's sandals and manufactured socks from Sashawardrobe.

1967 Gingham NP wearing a Pinestreetstudio outfit and manufactured Dollfie school shoes.

1960s Gotz yellow eyed wearing a dress by Jill Mackley and Jean Jenson's sandals and socks.

1973/4 Puddle eyed girl wearing a Pinestreetstudio outfit, Jean Jenson sandals and Trendon socks.Fishing net by Andrea Jaques.

1967 Dungaree NP wearing a Ruthsdolls dress and Jean Jenson sandals and manufactured socks.

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