Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My third 70th birthday present from Susan

Susan's hot pink gift box was hiding yet a third present in amongst all the crisp white sheets of wrapping paper...this delightful little wooden piggy. Auntie Susan can I have her all for myself ? Please....? Yes.....?
Oh thank you, thank you, THANK you.


Oh, you're absolutely gorgeous. Come here and let me give you a big hug. I like the grey markings on your back and your little black trotters too..


Gosh you're a good solid weight. Somebody's has been feeding you up.


Let's have a look at your sweet little face then. What a gorgeous smile you have and perfectly drawn 'piggy' eyes. Smart ears too.


Now what shall I call you? Certainly not the usual 'Porky' that so many little pigs get named. Oh, I know how about 'Miss Piggy' from the American TV Muppet Show.


That's a smart curly little rope tail you've got . I've got a little curl too. See it's in the middle of my forehead but mine's made from real hair.



Eternally grateful thanks to Sarah as always.


  1. Kendal,
    You have the most beautiful babies to show off these *delightful* toys!!! I've never seen such a pretty wooden pig before... simply irresistible.

    Your baby looks quite content and happy with her arms full of Miss Piggy...!!! My doesn't she *love* her new toy... and such a cute little rope tail... !!!

    Absolutely wonderful toys Susan gave to you... superb quality and great looks... perfect to photograph with.

    A very sweet story... !!! Now I want one of those pigs... !!!

    Your photography is charming... thank you.
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. Such sweet photos Kendal, the little piggy is just too cute, love his smiley face and curly tail!
    I've just worked out how to leave a comment on this blog as anonymous ... but better than nothing!

    A school friend of Betsy's got a pig for her 13th Birthday ... I told Betsy not to get any ideas! Apparently he's kept on a farm and she goes to visit him!

    Love Cathy x

  3. Love the pig! Wonderful photos of the baby:)