Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Another little vintage-sasha outfit spend

Treated myself to a little new dress from Sarah's vintage-sasha blog and seen here on my 1970s Trendon wide faced waif with her once 'beginning-to-go-green' eyes enhanced by Shelly.


I hadn't realised until one day Steve pointed out to me that I always seem to use the same Trendon/Gotz waif dolls when trying on any new outfits and when I thought about it later I realised how true that was.


The only reason for this that I can think of is because I maybe love these dolls probably more than the Frido earlier, mintier and rarer NPs, single fringe and the 1969 side-parts and the two-toned haired 1970/2 etc.


Sarah's Sasha outfits always have the most perfect fit and this little biscuit coloured background dress with its black flower print is no exception. Worn here with manufactured black socks and shoes.


Thank you once again Sarah for your help here.


  1. When I saw this darling outfit on Sarah's blog... *vintage-sasha*... I had a hunch you would like it... as I could see it on one of your girls. I *do* like it on this brunette Trendon beauty.
    Agreed, Sarah's outfits have a great fit... plus I like the lines/lengths... nice! nice! nice!
    Love this girl's hair in plaits with ribbons... and her antique metal tricycle is quite a treasure... splendid photography.
    Interesting comment made by your friend, Steve,
    as he was seeing a pattern... very observant!
    Thank you Kendal... it is always a *sweet* pleasure to view your blog.
    Thank you Sarah W. for your assistance.
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. Lovely Kendal :)
    The waifs are my heart's desire too.
    All of your children are amazing and thank you for sharing them.

  3. Your dolls are SO beautiful- thank you for sharing. I have to admit it does make me a bit jealous! I played with and loved Sasha dolls as a child, and passed them on to my daughter as well, but just recently discovered this whole Sasha "community"...I just bought the big new book about Sashas, but I am reading online about "waifs" and "developmental"...what do these terms refer to? Thanks in advance to anyone willing to share their knowledge :)