Wednesday, 11 January 2012

More of my super Christmas gifts from my wonderful Sasha Friends.

This delightful unisex ear-flap hat was given to me by Cathy (Buckley-Mellor.) Many thanks indeed Cathy for such a super gift.
Here my 1969 blonde No-Navel Gotz girl is wearing it enhancing the colour of her lovely blue eyes.



Next to have a 'try-on' is Franz, my Trendon 1973/4 Gregor Dark Jeans boy with hair re-rooted by Jackie Rydstrom and kitted out in Dollydoodle clothing (apart from his gilet) and commercially made converses.



Finally my 1968 crude eyed Gregor Shorts lad had a turn. He too is attired in Dollydoodle's leisure wear.



Sarah has once again downloaded these photos for me.


  1. Great hat which suits them all really well.

  2. Here is the *essential* hat... every Sasha should have one. It looks great on all your different models... shows the versatility. Reminds me of an acorn the way the top goes up to a little point... really a sweet design, beautiful yarn in texture and color... quite nice in function and form. A gem of a hat... Cathy made a wonderful selection in giving this to you... it's *Winter* perfect.

    On your no-navel the color compliments her
    lovely blue eyes... the 69 no-navels have detailed eyes... more so than the 70s no-navels... just love their *look*. This one is a beauty...
    looks adorable in that hat... ear-flaps and all.

    Franz, a truly handsome lad in those golden locks... looks like a snow-boarder in his apres-ski-wear. "Great hat Franz!"... I don't think he heard me... lol!

    Lastly, your early and wonderful crude eyed redhead looks cozy and comfortable... the hat is a nice accessory and adds another texture.

    Your kids wear *Dollydoodles* clothing so well. It is so up-to-date in its styling. (Nice color choices for this photo session.)

    A wonderful gift... you might need a few.. lol!

    Thanks for the pics, as always.
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. A big "thanks" to Sarah too.

  3. Great boggin and the soft colors of gray and blues really make a smart outfit :)