Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Remember Belle's visit to see the rare wild Orchid in Lancaster last year?

Belle, a 1970 Trendon customised Gregor by Shelly, admiring a surviving rare Orchid plant in the UK which was given 24/7 police protection whilst in flower up in Lancaster.

This morning I received this delightful photo that Brigitte Schwitter took yesterday whilst walking from Chur where she lives to visit her mother in St. Peter in the valley called Schanfigg. Unfortunately there wasn't any room for a Sasha, or even a Gotz Toddler to tag along. Many thanks Brigitte for remembering Belle's visit and sharing this with us.


  1. They are wonderful, such an unusual orchid!

  2. MORE of them! Long may they prosper! xx

  3. Beautiful Kendal. Can you hear the cuckoo?