Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A wonderful surprise gift arrives.

I had absolutely NO idea of what this parcel was OR who had sent it to me until it arrived and I had opened it. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this superb portrait in pastels of Fritz from and drawn by Christine Taylor.

What had I done to be worthy of this unique portrait I asked myself? ... although this was soon to be revealed from the notelet inside. It seems that Chris has so enjoyed my blog that she wanted to say 'Thank you.'


As you can see it really captures Fritz's devilish looks and 'so full of fun' nature and his eyes are almost perfect copies.
I had to have several goes at taking these photos as the light from the conservatory (my make-shift studio) windows and their frames kept catching and reflecting in the picture's glass, so eventually the next day (as it was then getting too dark outside) I set them up in the garden in the hope of preventing this not happening. (Much better although you can just see the trees captured in the corner.)


A million thanks Chris for such a kind, thoughtful and wonderfully unique gift. As you can imagine Fritz thinks that he is, as we tend to say in the UK, 'The cat's pyjamas.'
As usual much appreciated thanks go to Sarah for her excellent job of downloading my photos.


  1. Wonderful gift indeed, she really has captured the essence of Fritz's face so well hasn't she.

    Lucky you!


    Thank you Kendal, and Fritz, for sharing this very special one-of-a-kind gift with us.
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Fritz has been immortalized!

  3. Fritz's portrait is amazing! What a thoughtful surprise from Christine! She is very talented :)

  4. Wowee- what a fab pic!!!! You’ve done it now Ms. Taylor, Fritz will be the biggest poser that Toni and Guy has ever known. He’s just had a paper published [1] entitled: “On the relationship that a woman has with her fringe” and it’s had 5000 viewings in a couple of weeks.

    Fritz wants to be Toni’s best mate, so he’s hit upon the idea of offering FREE whistling and Yodelling lessons with every haircut ……..and the women are queuing up to take him up on his offer. They’re even riding their bicycles to the salon:

    Fritz’s latest idea on how to save energy in a hairdressing salon is fascinating.


    [1] Fritz (Surname unknown) “On the relationship that a woman has with her fringe” Journal of Interesting Fringes Vol 8 Pt (3) November 2011 pp 1206-1210

    P.S. That’s TWO lots of postage and packing that Fritz now owes