Friday, 12 August 2011

Two more of my girls enjoying being in the garden.

One of my favourite Gotz slate eyed waifs, Sophie, in one of Dollydoodle's first year Summer outfits admiring the long stemmed daisies on the lawn before hopefully picking them to start to make a daisy chain.

I like the way the three daisy shadows appear on her leg.

Are these fern plants?

Sitting amongst the branches of this Acer shrub.

Just pondering if she should attempt to climb this Fir tree that is at the moment shedding it's ripe cones all around it's trunk base.

Standing in amongst the ferns growing in the top of dry stone wall.

A 1970 Trendon brunette Gingham wide faced girl in another Summer T shirt and shorts set from Dollydoodle in her first year of making clothes for Sasha in the shrubbery.

Standing in the herbaceous Geranuim plants.

Apologies for the slightly green tinge to her face from the reflection of the shrubbery. (Obviously need to find another black elastic band instead of this clear one.)


  1. Two lovely girls Kendal, strange how the green has reflected on her face in the last photo. The shadows of the daisies are wonderful. Sophie is gorgeous.

  2. I love nature and plants and Sasha and this is a great combination.
    Doods simplicity of her outfits make them look like real kids. Super xx

  3. The photos are so very nice in the garden with lovely flowers and foliage!
    So much to see that is beautiful. :)