Monday, 1 August 2011

Dollydoodles listed this as a daywear fun outfit with full length leggings last year....

....But I thought that with these new three quarter cropped leggings it makes superb PJs for one lucky girl.

They so suit this 1960s Gotz crude eyed girl (one of my very favourite early Gotz Dolls) with her long straight hair.


  1. She certainly looks very pretty in her sleepwear. If only I could go to bed looking as lovely as that! ;-)

  2. Do you remember Kendal you recently posted a picture of your 1969 Gregor with the chewed feet who I recognised as being chewed by one of my dogs..I have just started my own blog and have posted a picture of Henry who chewed your doll cuddling up to his baby Sasha who he sleeps with and generally see him my blog is

  3. Simply Sasha, I have just unsuccessfully tried to leave two comments on your new blog. Not sure though what I am doing wrong for them not to appear.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to look though Kendal...

  5. This is interesting...
    My daughter has been using Simply Sasha as her name too!!
    Anyway I love the outfit on this doll and the sandals are real 'Summer Holiday' stuff.
    A Must Have for sure! xx

  6. I have the same doll. and she is beloved. I am 57 years old and I got her when I was 11 !!