Monday, 25 July 2011

Sick and tired of Ross' falling hair and increasing number of empty plugs so...........

So out came the scissors late one night and cut-cut....

....And on with one of Ted's unisex wigs that he so kindly gave me last year...until I can save up enough cash to have Jackie Rydstom re-root him with some blonde locks in a trendy style.

Ross is a petite and minty-ish 1969 Frido brunette Dark Jeans lad who had languished at the bottom of Shelly's website page one for MONTHS with no interest. I watched him daily feeling very sorry for him until I succumbed and he became one of my first Gregors.

He is such a well behaved little lad and my youngest looking Gregor.

He is well liked and somewhat 'mothered' by me and all the girls.


  1. He looks like he is a good boy :-) Glad to know he went to such a good home. Nothing like adopting the little waifs and strays.

  2. Poor little lads! They suffer from earlier-than-ever premature balding! Ross looks great as a rewig, though. I wonder if Ted makes these wigs in my DH's size????

  3. I love his cool windswept look.
    Just what a lot of little boys in my area look like at the moment and really suits him.

  4. A friend of mine emailed me to say that she was having problems leaving this comment....

    What a handsome little lad, and with the up-coming re-root of blonde locks, he'll have all your girls chasing him. Did you know, that IF I had been a boy my Mum would have named me Ross. Great name and it suits him perfectly. I am also very fond of the blonde hair and brown eyed combination...a great look! Hugs.