Thursday, 12 May 2011

Highlighting a couple more dolls.

An OOAK Easter dress by Daisy,Daisy seen here on a 1967 Frido Dungaree NP with beautiful eye painting but unfortunately her lips are damaged by being force fed by a child.
This little soul languished on Shelly's website for months and months until a few days before Christmas I succumbed to her plight and took her in promising to 'soft food' feed her until her lips were better. (Unfortunately I haven't as yet managed to find anyone to help with these repairs so she is still living here but wanting to go to a new home sometime in the future.)

These dresses have a delightful Daisy, Daisy trade mark in the fact that they have a tiny little gold bell sewn into the hem at the back which tinkles when you dress her or the doll is on the move.

1960s slate eyed Gotz girl in a NGould smock top over Dollydoodles leggings and JJ sandals.

1960s yellow eyed with lashes girl wearing another Easter Dress by Daisy,Daisy and JJ sandals and commercially made socks.(Apologies for the stray hairs across her face.)


  1. Forgot to add, I like the first girl - she looks lovely, great year as well! :-)

  2. Oh Kendal! I so wish I could come and meet you and your Sashas in person! PLEASE make a book of your photos - I'm sure it would sell.

  3. They are lovely Kendal. I guess our other comments disappeared when blogger went down? What a shame the first pretty girl was force fed...she is lovely, the perfect year as well! ;)

    The last girl looks rather wistful.

  4. The yellow eyed girl is so cute and like the one I used to have and as for her dress! Well! I love it! xx

  5. Kendal, I'm curious how would you go about restoring her lips? Would you use a very very fine sandpaper? I have restored a couple clarinets from the 1800s and although quite different (obviously) you still have to have a very smooth finish so it doesn't look like there was any damage? Would be interested in your thoughts? I would have emailed you, but don't have an address. I think you can reply straight to me if you would like.

  6. Kendal, I love your NP with damaged lips. She is absolutely wonderful !!! Thank you for showing her on your blog.