Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Plants and trees bought with my birthday garden tokens.

Viburnum. Plic. Mariesi.

Salix. Flamingo.

White Stem Birch.

Twisted Willow.


Helleborus. Ivory Prince.

Sarcococca. Confusa.

Drimys Lanceolata.

Pittosporum. Collaig Silver.

Euonymus Jap. Pierrolino Sense.


  1. The weather has been perfect for spending in the garden hasn't it. You've bought and planted a great selection of shrubs and trees.

  2. Wonderful garden selections Kendal. It's almost time here in West Virginia where we are mowing the lawn and prepping the soil. So much rain though really underscores the common phrase of "April Showers bring May Flowers".
    Sasha hugs, Ginger

  3. Oh well done!
    I lost so many plants these last two harsh winters that you make me feel so ashamed of my neglected garden.
    What joy those will bring.Long may they last.