Friday, 12 February 2010

Back on photographing the dolls in mix and match outfits put together by me.

Fritz,a 1960 Gotz slate eyed, straight nosed boy wearing Vintage-Sasha jeans, Pinestreetstudio shirt and manufactured Tommy Hillfiger sleeveless Denim jacket, Ruthsdolls shoes.

1971 Gregor Jeans in a Kate Smith knitted jumper from a Susanna Lewis adapted pattern, grey jeans unknown off eBay, Pinestreetstudio scarf and Ruthsdolls shoes.

1971 wide faced Gingham girl in a Sashadollstyle fine cord duffle, jeans unknown off eBay and Ruthsdolls shoes.

1969 wide faced Gregor Jeans in a Kate Smith knitted sock wool yarn jumper from a Susanna Lewis pattern and matching Beanie hat, Pinestreetstudios recycled jeans and Ruthsdolls shoes.

Trendon 1973/4 with cut fringe wearing a Kate Smith knitted from Susanna Lewis pattern Nordic jumper, Sashadollstyle cord trousers and Ruthsdolls shoes. (Gillet unknown.) Rucksack by Randel Keller.

A 1970 Gregor with repainted eyes by Shelly wearing Moleskin Vintage-Sasha dungarees and Pinestreetstudios jumper and cap. Ruthsdolls shoes.

A crude yellow eyed early Gotz doll wearing a peasant smock outfit by N.Gould with Ruthsdolls distressed boots.


  1. We have always seemed to watch the same items on Ebay and I love the way you put your outfits together Kendal.
    I also REALLY like how you give credit to everyone involved in the making of the various items.
    Love Sarah x

  2. A-ah! A switch from Sashas with 'props'to Sashas modelling exquisitely made clothing.