Friday, 6 April 2012

My 'Once-upon-a-time' mint in box Gotz doll

I had always dreamed of owing a MIB Gotz doll so was 'over the moon' when this girl arrived here in my first ever Gotz Sasha Doll box. I hardly dared to open it.


I immediately fell in love with her sulky and very determined look. She is a mid 1960s slate eyed large headed Gotz girl just oozing personality.


She originally came wearing the now famous Gotz navy and white checked Viyella dress and pants with navy Mary-Janes and white socks.


... but has chosen this time to put on one of 'Frocks and Socks' smocked dresses and JJ sandals and commercially made socks.


This dress actually has a matching head band but was obviously not to be found in time for her photoshoot so is making do with a length of navy ribbon until I can find the time to look through their overflowing three (going on four) large clothes boxes.


Have saved my favourite pose of this post until the very last.


My apologies as I'm now noticing the dust that has settled on her face due to my lack of feather-dusting of late. Just goes to show what an irregular house cleaning person I am as they stand/sit around everywhere gathering the dust.

Mountainous heaps of thanks to Sarah.


  1. She's a beautiful girl and looks lovely in her Frocks and Socks dress.

    A very Happy Birthday to you, I hope you have a lovely day xxx

  2. A really beautiful girl Kendal who looks splendid in her gorgeous dress. I love the last pose as well :-)

    A wonderful birthday to you today full of birthday wishes.

    Love Lorraine :-)

  3. I think you know how much I love this Brunette girl of yours, with the very charming sulky pouty look that she has. She looks stunning in this gorgeous dress with her perfect JJ sandals and pretty hair ribbon. I'll be looking at these photos again and again!

    Wishing you the very happiest of birthdays today Kendal, enjoy your special day!
    Love Cathy & Betsy & all our Sashas xxx

  4. Another gorgeous girl.

    Have a lovely birthday Kendal.

  5. It's a bit of a miracle to obtain a minty (MIB) early Sasha GOTZ... that *new* smell of their vinyl... the *crispness* of the clothing... and those sweet little leather shoes... the hair *perfectly untouched*... it's a grand feeling! My compliments to you for a *rare and unusual* find.

    Your brunette is a stunner... with her sulky look and pouty lips... wearing perfect face paint. Am quite partial to the brunettes with those slate eyes... a winning combination.

    Love her navy and white smocked dress... with matching JJ sandals and silk hair ribbon... a marvelous look for this dark beauty.

    Agreed... her last pose... is pure sweetness!

    You have a *premiere collection* of Sashas Kendal... and I admire your efforts in obtaining each and everyone... ! Thank you for having this blog and sharing your *love* of Sashas... the beauty... the simplicity and engineering... and, the *play value*... !

    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"... hope your day is *Sasha-rific Fabulous*!

    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Thank you Sarah W... :)

  6. Many Happy Returns of the day! May all your dreams be vinyl ones :)

  7. Your super Gotz girl is truly amazing and fantastic!!!!! Thank you for the great photos of your newest addition :)