Tuesday, 3 April 2012

1968 Frido Single Fringe waif

This girl went straight from Shelly'e website to Brenda Walton for a complete spar and re-stringing before arriving here.


The transformation was wonderful as she could now stand and pose on her own and her trimmed hair was now flattened and under control although still very short on the top layers but at least her cut fringe was down on her forehead again and not reaching for the skies.


She has chosen a very smart navy cotton sailor styled dress with white trimmings by Pinestreetstudios and teamed it with ooak JJ bar shoes and commercially made socks.


I think that I did give her a name (Ameilia, Bethany?) but have since forgotten it so will have to trawl back someway through the blog to check.


Photo showing her wide face, eye painting and hair detail.
I haven't fully decided if she is definitely staying here for good so not as yet sorted out the various possiblilties of what's to be done with her badly chopped fringe and first few layers.


Tons of thanks heading down from here to Sarah.


  1. She is a really sweetie Kendal and looks lovely in her sailor dress and shoes.

    How are you getting on with the new blog layout? I'm really not liking it at all, it just changed the other day. Seems harder to navigate round when writing posts, not easier.

  2. I love this little wide faced early fringe girl dressed all in blue and white. Her *Pinestreetstudio* navy blue sailor dress looks flawless on her. So far... my favorite outfit I have seen her dressed in. Love the big wide collar with white trim... and her gathered shirt... it's crisp and youthful... wearing sweet little navy blue shoes with a matching hair ribbon... just *wonderful*!!! I've always had a *thing* for nautical dresses on little girls... always a *great and timeless* look!

    I believe her name is *Bethany*... sweet sweet Bethany. She's a cutie!

    Thank you Kendal for choosing this particular outfit for her... *picture perfect* as they say... a beauty... even with her cropped fringe!
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne

  3. Oh Kendal, she is so sweet, I like both names Ameilia and Bethany, love her sailor dress, very cute and her hair ribbon finishes off the look perfectly, I'm very fond of the nautical look.
    Cathy x