Saturday, 7 April 2012

A little on the late side!

For my birthday in 2007 Chon, my daughter gave me a CD in a beautifully covered in a floral wrapping paper sleeve but try as I could I was unable to view it on my laptop screen.  On her next visit up here when we were shopping at The Trafford Centre near Manchester we went into the Apple shop there where Chon explained the situation with regards to the CD gift and how so far that I hadn't been able to see it. They very kindly ran it through one of their computers for me to watch. A few days later it went back south with her and basically that was the last I saw or heard of it until today when she sent it by DropSend for me to view - a lovely finish to my absolutely wonderful but hectic 71st birthday.
I am so thrilled to see it again that I want to share it with those of you who are interested but must warn you that unfortunately there isn't a Sasha Doll in sight but a very proud mother with her wonderful and very talented daughter.
Tomorrow I'll try to describe some of the photos in more detail but now I'm afraid that I'm exhausted and need to start to get ready for bed BUT before that I want to thank all of you who helped make this day unbelieveably extra special for me with your cards, gifts, visits, phone calls and emails. I feel truely blessed surrounded by such a large, loving and supportive family and so many caring FABULOUS friends ...and not forgetting my fun loving Sasha Brood who watch over me daily.
Click on this link Birthday Present to go through to the parallel WordPress blog and the link there to the video.
There are some details on one of the posts previously to help you understand some of the photos.


  1. What a lovely gift Kendal from your very talented daughter.
    It's amazing what can be done these days.

  2. Such a perfect gift Kendal, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and listening to the music, White Horses took me right back, I can remember watching that programme in black and white on our TV when I was very young, I loved it but mostly for the song .... I got quite emotional listening to it again.
    So glad you had a lovely birthday, you definitely deserved to have a very special day. Cathy x

  3. "OUTSTANDING!" And, very moving... I was completely overwhelmed by you and Chon... such *beauty*... simply wonderful photos and memories... loved the music... an individual epic!

    Thank you for sharing this *beautiful and special* little film today... !

    How caring and thoughtful of Chon to do this for you... you must be walking on air with pride... !

    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Kendal... my husband thinks you are "a fine looking woman."

  4. Emailed to me privately by Jill who couldn't, like so many of us, manage to leave a comment.

    'Kendal, what a lovely book of photos so many treasured memories. A very special surprise from Chon. Thank you so much for sharing.'

  5. Another 'unable to be left' comment email to me privately...

    'Kendal, this is darling. What a cutie! And what a lovely present! You raised a thoughtful one.'