Thursday, 5 April 2012


This Frido 1966 Developmental Jeans/farmpants girl has been quick enough this time to secure the choosing and wearing of this outfit that she has had her eye on since this time last year but has usually been 'pipped' to the post by one of my other blonde NPs.


Liking how the grey materials enhances her eye colouring.
For years I wasn't taken by these dolls with the brown eye-brows that over time had oxidised to this silver colour but when I spotted this doll for sale on Shelly's website I couldn't resist buying her.


This delightful outfit was designed and made by vintage-sasha and is worn here with Ruthsdoll's shoes. I just adore the use of the grey materials here and also have one of Sarah's pinafore and blouse sets in the same materials.


I'm quite pleased these days that my tastes in my Sasha dislikes are now changing over my many years of collecting so enabling me to purchase some of the dolls that I previously wouldn't have.



Sincere thanks to Sarah who must be getting fed up with doing all MY re-sizings and listings as well as her own!!!!


  1. She is beautiful Kendal. The outfit is perfect for her! I love her eyes and brows too :) Sarah is a talented seamstress, photo re-sizing expert, and super friend :)

  2. I really love this girl Kendal she is beautiful, and so nicely dressed! You have such a eye for colour when you dress your girls (and boys).
    Love Steve XXX

  3. She's a *jewel* with those silvery brows!

    I am *truly, madly and deeply* in love with these developmental dolls with the silvery brows! They simply take my breath away... with their one-of-a-kind *LOOK*... and sumputuous face painting!

    Love the outfit she is wearing... perfect! This little gem has great taste in clothing... !

    I honestly can't rave enough about this girl... !

    Thank you Kendal for featuring this rare and beguiling beauty!
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. I have one of these girls in my collection... and they are *so* beautiful and unusual.

  4. Yet another Beautiful girl in another beautiful outfit. I just love all these early girls of yours Kendal ,I can see I'm going to have to start another fund for one of them...

  5. Cerelia is visiting today and she says:

    " i really like her pants and they look snuggly. i really like her hair style... it's full... blonde... and her bangs (fringe)are pretty. i really like her blue eyes too... and i like the little shirt that hides under her top... she is ohh la la! "

    age 6 (almost 7)

  6. She's so beautiful Kendal, and that outfit is perfect for her, it really accentuates her eyes.

  7. Such a beautiful girl Kendal, she has such expressive eyes, the outfit suits her perfectly. Also I can't get over how soft and shiny her hair looks ... she is really dreamy!

    Wishing you a very Happy Easter,
    love Cathy x