Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Quirky has been chosen from the Sasha Brood (on account of the Easter themed photo) to wish all my blog followers a very happy Easter.
He is a 1969 Frido sexed baby boy wearing a Sashawardrobe fleece jacket and commercially made tights from The Doll Works and seen here playing with my empty Easter egg box ....though taken a few years ago as I haven't managed to find the time to do anything new this year and certainly haven't broken in to my 2012 chocolate egg as yet. Waiting for that pleasure hopefully today.


Many thanks Sarah for your help with listing his photo here.
Over this next week I shall try to take photos of my birthday cake, presents, cards  AND of my birthday Sasha Doll but still have friends and family visiting over the next few days so will have to try to fit them in when I can.
Many, many thanks again to all of you who made my birthday such an unforgettable and special day.
Please scroll down to the previous post if you'd like to see the youtube that my daughter sent to me to finish off my day (although there isn't a Sasha Doll in sight there I'm afraid.)


  1. Quirky looks adorable in the easter egg box. Happy Easter to you and your family

  2. A very Happy Easter Kendal. Quirky is as ever adorable in the Easter egg box. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new birthday doll and presents.

  3. Love this photo of Quirky peeping through the egg box, really cute.
    Happy Easter to you, enjoy your 2012 chocolate egg when you break into it!!
    Cathy x

  4. What an adorable little confection your baby Quirky is... trying to pass himself off as a luscious little Easter chocolate egg from *Thorntons*... ! Too cute... !

    You have really made my Easter 2012 spectacular with your great blog posts... many many thanks... !

    "Happy Easter Kendal"... enjoy your family and friends today... and from one chocolate lover to another... "enjoy that egg!"

    Easter hugs, -Anne xx
    p.s. "Happy Easter Sarah!"

  5. Quirky has the best doll box ever !!!

    Happy Easter Kendal and Sarah :)

  6. Gorgeous photos and what a clever little chap Quirky is to hide in an Easter egg box! I can just imagine all those delicious aromas, definitely chocolate heaven!