Saturday, 18 December 2010

Reading the Christmas Nativity story before setting up the crib.

I bought one of these delightful Dick Bruna books, The Christmas Story, for my daughter on one of her first Christmases and until she almost became a teenager we used to get it out and read it together at bedtime on Christmas Eve. It became a family tradition.
She has always been a Dick Bruna fan and had most of his Miffy books (and posters) that were around in those years. I had always strived to get her a Miffy soft toy but they weren't produced then but now the shops stock loads of these accessories.

I often used copies of these bold drawings in my classroom. I just love their simplicity and bright colours, especially the Three Kings.

Once I made a Nativity scene for the classroom using two pieces of plywood joined together for the stable, pint glass milk bottles for the bodies that I spray painted in suitable colours and with rubber bouncing balls for the heads. Paper tissues, ribbons made the Joseph's and Mary's and the shepherd's head-dresses and the Wise Men's cloaks and paper cake dollies made the King's crowns. Baby Jesus was represented with a children's school glass milk bottle and a smaller rubber ball. His halo was made of silver card and he lay in a cardboard box filled with hay.
(Of course nowadays this wouldn't have been allowed due to health and safety laws but I so wish that I had a photo. of it to look back on.)

The crib scene has been started but I had to abandon it until another day as the conservatory (my studio) was freezing.

My Christmas cards this year.

Take your pick!

Unfortunately they are not showing up as sharp as they actually are as the sky was heavy with the snow.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Happy Birthday to Aunties Sarah and Cathy.

Auntie Sarah, we all here wish you a very happy 50th birthday. Hope that you have a great day though we're very sorry that we weren't able to share it with you.

Auntie Cathy, we're all wishing you a very happy birthday though we are sorry that our naughty mummy forgot to send you a card from us.

Right now, a big Hip, hip, hooray for Aunties Sarah and Cathy .....all together now, 1,2,3....
Hip, hip, hooray!
HIP!... HIP!...HOO....RAY!!!!
A lot of Sasha/Gregor/baby cheering and clapping.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Our mummy is busy wrapping presents and writing her cards to spend much time behind the camera but I just managed to slip in for a quick photo or two.

My 1971 Gregor, Iain, showing off his choice of colour combination in the Dollydoodle's Hoodied leisure wear.