Saturday, 18 February 2012

Continuing the theme of my Three Frido Developmental girls

This is my third Frido developmental girl (as I hadn't got the photos together for the second, a red head Dungaree doll.)
This is a rare doll in the fact that she left the factory dressed in a Brown Cord dress rather than the usual Gingham outfit that was used only for the brunette girls in the first two years of production. She was up for sale at one of the big toy fairs in her special box labelled Brunette, Brown Cord....and this was how I bought her last year from Shelly's website. Will try and locate the photos of her in her box from the millions of photos stored in my 'pictures' when I have some spare time and ask Sarah if she could add them at a later date.


She was my 2011 Christmas Doll from 'me to me.' Here she is casually dressed in Dollydoodle leisure wear and commercially made converses ready to join the rest of the Brood in their playtime.


Another facial close up.


Here she is again in more Dollydoodle leisure wear. This was taken to include in my Christmas Dollydoodle-wear Sasha Book.


I think that this full on facial shot shows how really beautiful she is with that absolutely fabulous eye painting and overall colouring....reminding me of why I choose a doll just like this, rather than the other five styles available, for my daughter's second birthday.


Bundles of thanks now Sarah heading your way.


  1. What lovely girls you have Kendal, her face looks so soft and such lovely eye paint.
    The doolydoodles outfits are great, love the pink uggs with the matching pink top.

  2. oops that should read dollydoodles, teach me not to check before adding..

  3. Yippee! More developmental girls...!

    You read my mind as I was hoping you would *showcase* your brunette and redhead... after reading about them on yesterday's blog post. Needless to say, I cannot get enough of these girls... their beauty is beyond comparison.

    Definitely a "WOW GIRL"!!! I am quite partial to brunettes... and this one is a rare stunner... with her classic part down the middle... reminds me of the *cool* 60s... with Beatlemania and etc. I can understand why this *beauty* came to live with you.
    Ditto... "absolutely fabulous eye painting and overall colouring!"

    I find these developmental girls so exquisitely beautiful... that they almost possess a therapeutic quality about them... yes, they are really that "special!"

    She has quite a trendy edge... wearing these Dollydoodles outfits... and *rocks with style*!

    Thank you Kendal... another *stellar* Sasha!!!
    Thank you Sarah W. ;)
    Hugs, -Anne

  4. Lovely face on your early girl. She is a stunner :)

  5. How strange I remember commenting on this and it hasn't appeared, or has disappeared. She is just so simply gorgeous, and well you know I think she is fabulous ;-) What more can I say?