Monday, 13 February 2012

Anis gets to try out a slide

Early 1970s Trendon baby Anis asks if she can try one of the new little slides from Susan and chooses the pink one to match her Dollydoodle velour jacket.


Anis is a sexed baby girl who Bettina re-rooted in Mohair. She was the first baby that Bettina customised and caused quite a stir when she was listed on


As you can see her eyes and eyebrows have slightly greened but in a lovely soft way.


I can see that Anis has even chosen to play with colour co-ordinated toys to match and enhance her softest of the softest velour jacket.


Hundreds of thanks again, Sarah.


  1. Kendal,
    I just adore this baby so much,her slightly greened eye paint is the key to her overall look I think....just beautiful,if her eyes were dark she wouldn't be as special,do you think so?
    Lovely photography as always.

  2. Anis is perfection :). Bettina is so talented and her work creates such a softness for the babies. Wonderful!!!!
    Sasha hugs to you Dear Kendal and a big one for Dear Sarah :)

  3. This curly top certainly has a *very special* look about her... must be all those volumious blonde mohair curls surrounding her darling little cherub face... and those soft green eyes... love the colored polka dots on her pink slide... "nice choice Anis."
    Darling pink velour jacket with white tights... assessorized with super little plushes... just love that single jeweled necklace her pink teddy is wearing... and her bunny is color perfect.
    Thank you Kendal for these gorgeous photos highlighting this unusual and beautiful re-root by Bettina... sweet as a cupcake!
    Thank you Sarah W. for your assistance.
    Hugs, -Anne