Friday, 17 February 2012

Making amends and showing a 1966 Frido Developmental NP

This doll was the very first developmental NP that I added to my collection. Until then I had never taken to these dolls with the unique 'silver' eyebrows due to the original brown paint oxidising.


She was originally a Jeans girl and came in her brown cord jeans and white blouse and sandals but here she is wearing a Pinestreetstudio outfit with manufactured shoes and socks.


When I was chosing a doll from the Galt Toy factory (close to the Frido/Trendon one in Stockport) for my daughter's second birthday gift there were six different dolls to select from. Firstly I eliminated the Ballet and Dungaree dolls as I wasn't keen on their red hair. Then I dismissed this Jeans doll as didn't care for the three-quarter length farmpants. Next to fall by the wayside was the Brown Cord girl since I didn't think that the colour of her dress did anything for her blue eyes. So I was left to choose between the Blue Cord girl and the brunette Gingham, finally deciding and coming away with the latter.


Since buying her I have been very lucky to obtain examples of both the red and brunette developmental girls to stand besides her.
She has beautifully soft hair with a full centre part. Apologies for the usual fly-way stray hairs! Getting to be a trade mark of mine since I quite clearly don't see them when taking the actual photographs, just when they appear in a large size on the computer screen and tghen it's too late to rectify.


The reason that she isn't wearing her beret is because I had just done her hair taking and securing the side pieces at the back and knew that pulling on her beret would mess it up.


More grateful thanks to Sarah.


  1. Lovely girl Kendal and the outfit suits her well

  2. I absolutely LOVE these developmental girls... because they are so different... with their big round eyes and unique silver brows. I know their *look* is not for everyone.

    It gives me great pleasure to see your stunning blonde developmental girl Kendal... she is a rare beauty... and really tugs at my heart with her *unusual look*.

    She wears this adorable Pinestreestudio outfit confidently and
    the colors compliment her coloring... I love the well worn antique tricycle that she is comtemplating riding... very cute.

    Thank you for photographing this enchanting girl... she's perfect!
    Thank you Sarah W. :)
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. I have a developmental girl too... and she is the *crown jewel* in my Sasha collection... these girls have a certain *coolness*.

  3. Well what can I say, Anne has said it all really apart from the last sentence which I wish I could say I have one in my collection as well, but that is a long way off!

    I just love everything about her, her hair is beautiful and those eyes are beguiling. She really is a gem.

  4. A very special girl and she is lovely in gray and black. Wonderful!