Sunday, 12 February 2012

Susan sent the Brood some delightful little hair slides.

Now are you sitting nicely on the chair because I've got something special to show you. No, that's not what I call 'sitting nicely'...turn around and sit properly!

Susan Bulger-Pomeroy saw these cute hair slides and very kindly bought my kids a packet when buying some for her Sasha baby collection. Many thanks Susan for your kindness and thoughtfulness. They are just delightful and the perfect size.


Don't they look lovely? They suit your hair style perfectly. Just like little jewels nestling in the night sky. Which colour do you like the best then?


They aren't all for you though but you can keep them in for a little while until the others come through and see them.


That's a good girl just keeping the one for yourself and sharing them with the other babies. This little later 70s baby White Suit without the raised eyelids is wearing the softest of the softest peach Dollydoodle fleece and Ruthsdoll's pink machine knitted tights.


Huge thanks coming your way again Sarah.


  1. How lovely of Susan to send you those little cute hair clips. Your little rascal looks like she enjoyed putting them all in her hair!

  2. Hi Kendal,
    Once again, I have to say you have brought these beautiful little Sasha dolls and their edible clothing to life! I look forward to your blog every day and save it for when I can sit down quietly and thoroughly enjoy it.
    Susan xx

  3. Precious little black baby girl... dressed in a yummy peachy-pink fleece w/tights outfit... just love her wild hair with the *new* brightly colored hair slides clipped in... (aka " little jewels nestling in the night sky").

    Good job Susan... on choosing such a useful and fun gift!

    Enjoyed your story writing here and where you went with it... quite clever and the photos are pure sweetness.

    My... doesn't this little princess love her pink plush... there is not one photo without her holding onto... or cuddling her beloved teddy... too cute! (I just love the jeweled necklace this little teddy is wearing... !!!)

    Thank you Kendal for more *delightful* baby photos.
    Thank you Sarah W. for your assistance. You both make my mornings just a little more Sasha-rific!
    Hugs, -Anne

  4. Pink perfection! Your baby is precious and the hair clips are just right in her dark hair. So very kind of Susan. Thank you for the photos :)