Sunday, 10 July 2011

My third get well/birthday superb gift from Susan Bulger Pomeroy.

My 1970? Trendon very minty full centre part girl is wondering what the atlas and globe here is all about. She is wearing a delightful little denim dress and shorts, one of two 70th birthday gifts from Sarah Williams of vintage-sasha and commercially manufactured Mary-Jane canvas shoes.

I wonder if there is anything inside this wooden globe.

Oh, just look, some lovely little wooden people in their national costumes.

I can recognise an Eskimo, a man from China, an Indian woman, an Egyptian.....

Now I can see what the atlas is for. (This was my Mummy's Atlas that she had to have to use in her last few years at Chaucer House School, the small private day (or weekly boarding if required) school that her brother and she went to along with other Pottery Firm's owner's children. (This superb little school has been featured previously in the blog.)

Does this one go here? Is he from this country?

I know that this little girl is English and from the United Kingdom because she had fair skin and blonde hair just like me.


  1. Gorgeous pictures and educational too!
    I really wanted the outfit she is wearing when Sarah made one but got outbid!!
    Love it all. xx

  2. Lovely pics and narrative Kendal. I quite liked denim dresses (on adult females!). Hee-hee, I'm always worried that a crimplene trouser suit might make an appearance :)

    You should write a book - accompanied by your beautiful photographs. I was never interested in dolls as a child. I owned one teddy bear......who sadly clogged after breaking his leg when he fell down the toilet/lavatory :( :( :(

  3. Kendal, this sweet global story is delightful! Your center part is beautiful and looks so intense as she places the wooden dolls in their proper geographic places. Just precious. :)