Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A little outing for a few of the lads on my Sasha Funday afternoon.

Five of my Gregors enjoy a trip, though only a kilometre down the road, to have a little 'forbidden' climb on this advertising Rhinoceros (as the firm is situated well off the road and so out of sight.)

Sam chooses to lie stretched out on the mane, Jac to sit and hold onto the mid nose bump and Matt behind the dangerous, sharp horn.

James (on the right) decides to sit behind the left ear whilst his best friend Luke takes the right.

Look, you can see so much more of the surrounding countryside from up here!

ALL five boys are wearing Dollydoodle leisure wear and commercially manufactured converses!

James and Luke (the other three weren't too bothered about getting out of the car!) decided to go and take a closer look at this floral show piece in Milton Gardens in the middle of our village. Twice a year this is planted up to represent something special that is happening or of local interest.

It reads 'The B'hoys of Alsager, 1911-2011.' Luke and James are going to do a little research asap to find out what it stands for as they first thought that it read 'The boys of Alsager'... until they spotted the apostrophe.


  1. Sounds intriguing, would love to know what they find out. Looks like the enjoyed the rhinoceros, always more fun when something is forbidden! ;-)

  2. Id like to know more too.
    What a lovely picture of them all standing back looking at it. I do like the rhino who is like the Incredible Hulk! The boys must have thought he was so cool! xx

  3. Wonderful photos of the boys at play. :)

  4. I think that B'hoys are men only members of the Round Table and Rotary Club who raise money for local charities...
    I am pretty sure thats what they are anyway tho maybe in this case it could be different? xx