Thursday, 7 July 2011

As Nancy Sinatra sings in one of her well known songs ...'These boots were made for walking...and that's just what they'll do!'

'Better late than never' so the saying goes. I'm feeling VERY guilty as Susan Bulger Pomeroy sent me these delightful boots as a belated 70th birthday present and although I excitedly tried them on at the time it wasn't until my Sasha funday last week when 'Sasha play' was in full force that I took these photos of them to add to my blog. Many. many. many thanks Susan, such a wonderful surprise.

They are simply delightfully soft to the touch and look good both turned down...

...and turned up.
This is my Frido 1968 Single Fringe Ballet girl and she is wearing Dollydoodles stretch Denim jeggings and Hoodie.

Side view. The laces are wonderfully stretchy.

Back view. Looking good all round!

....and incidently I still have another of Susan's gifts, this time a get well present, to photograph and feature so watch this space!


  1. A wonderful song to set the seen, gorgeous outfit. I bought a Dollydoodles outfit at the fun day and have just posted pictures of it on my baby boy.
    Have a lovely weekend Kendal.


  2. Great hair Kendal - looks better than the real,thing :) Love to read a posting about the hair manufacture

    I think New Boots would like to sing along to this:


    Not quite G&S :)

    Sorry about the delay with pram posting.....been back working in Aix-en-Provence.....I was a Silver Cross boy.......obviously my pram suspension wasn't quite as posh as yours....but I did have a secret luggage compartment :):):)

    Take care

  3. Vary nice boots and photos and how I loved to sing that song as a child!xx