Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Still enjoying my Sasha fun day....

Just discovered this part of my Sasha Funday still in draft form so I'm now publishing it in case it hasn't already been (and will try to check later.)
....with these trendy cropped stretch Denim leggings given to me by Judith of Dollydoodles to help me enjoy my day. Many thanks for thinking of me with these trendy cropped 'bottoms.'
Seen here with one of her white jersey hoodies and JJ flipflops.

Just look at how the Sea Holly that we gave Mummy for her birthday has grown. Be careful as the flowers are really spikey now.

This is a 1968 Frido Single Fringe Ballet girl.

Seen here enjoying the perfume from my latest Jasmin shrub.

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  1. Love the photos of jasmine and sea holly. These interesting plants are not seen in West Virginia and how nice to see them with your very lovely ballet girl. Thank you Kendal. :)