Saturday, 16 July 2011

As the result of Dr. Lawrence Jones mentioning Lambretta Scooters....

After reading Dr. Lawrence Jones' comment about Fritz and his motorbike Jill Mackley mentioned that there was an ice cream parlour in the Bluewater Shopping Mall down in Kent that had a couple of these Lambretta Scooters to sit on whilst enjoying an ice cream.
Hearing this Fritz re-dressed himself into his Gregor's Angel's gear and with money for an ice cream in his pocket, hopped into a Sashadolluk Sasha Doll box said 'Goodbye' to us all and headed off down to stay with my daughter in Sussex in the hope of.....!

....and hasn't been seen here since BUT these photos were sent up so am gathering that another of his adventure boxes was ticked.

Actually I did buy him a model of a Lambretta Scooter at the time I was buying the motor bike but when it arrived it was rather on the small side, so sold it on as just a replica model.

My brothers had a real Lambetta Scooter during their early teenage years that they used to ride on on our private land. My eldest brother kept that Number plate and has had it transferred to use on all his own cars ever since.

Please let us know when you are planning to return home as your Gregor friends are missing you.


  1. He sounds a right character! :-)

  2. What super cool ice cream colours and doesnt he look outstanding in his biker gear? x

  3. Wouldn't it be lovely to eat ice cream at the Bluewater Shopping Mall in Kent !!!

    I love the bike seats and your good looking biker boy must have a "sweet" side as well :)

  4. Well Fritz is an adventurous little chap isn’t he Kendal? And bi-cultural as well :) There’s a definitely a semi-colon lurking between an Indian and a ½ scooter. I’m having great difficulty assessing his character – likes V-twin motorbikes, plays golf we discover that he’s a head-band-wearing closet mod who enjoys an expensive 99 ice long as he doesn’t have to pay for it! Is Fritz German or Austrian? Do we assume that Goethe is one of his favourite philosophers? I’ve spotted his Rory Gallagher shirt ( - again rather puzzling, since one would expect him to be singing along to CAN records in the bath ( )

    How about sending the little tinker on a mountaineering expedition – up the Great Orme - when he makes a reappearance? I loved your Loreto photoshoot ……what about that very sad derelict area opposite the main buildings (on the other side of Abbey Road and closer to the sea)? There’s a tiny notice on the rusted gates, stating the land is owned by the Loreto nuns. I cannot for the life of me recall what used to be there before it became derelict – possibly Loreto’s tennis courts?

    P.S. My apologies for beginning a sentence with ‘And’……recall your Alsager (very familiar with the training college) posting :)

    PPS Make sure Fritz coughs up for his postage when he does reappear!

  5. In reply to Dr. Lawrence Jones' above comment.
    Yes, the derelict land opposite was our tennis and netball courts and the land to the side of the West Gate (now built on as a rest home/hospice?)was our hockey field. I loved sport and made it into all the first teams and was even lucky enough to be chosen as deputy games captain in my second to last year and games captain in the last. This past activity led me to be given the Physical Education Co-ordinator post in my Primary School teaching years. I was responsible for, and actually taught, all the physical excercise of the children from the age of five to eleven covering gymnastics, swimming, cross-country, netball, football, cricket, rounders and non combat-rugby skills... and not forgetting the school's annual sports day. Clearly a case of 'Jack of all trades, master of none' but we won many local and distict tropies....(even harder too to believe looking at me now crippled with Rheumatoid Arthritis.)

  6. Hello Kendal (please call me Lawrence :):) :) )

    Many thanks for such an interesting reply. I was actually replaying a game of tennis between Loreto girls when I walked past the derelict site :( Jack of all trades is a dreadful understatement of you achievements! I should imagine that you would be an excellent adviser in respect of physical education, given the quiescent state of many school children these days. Why there is an antipathy for PE beats me when one contemplates the feeling of well-being after a good run or game.

    You've placed some lovely new postings and photographs. I would give my right arm to compile such interesting narrative associated with the pics :) I love the Jackie Rydstom pics – the dungarees are so sweet, as is the tu-tu.

    Take care.

    Kind regards,


    P.S. I only ever won the sack race at St Mary’s sports days :) :) :)

    P.P.S On Rheumatoid Arthritis – yes a dreadfully painful condition. Coincidentally, I have just read Margaret Hills’s book on this subject.