Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My 1970 wide faced tot choses a Jill Mackley dress for herself.

Another beautifully smocked by Jill dress seen here with commercially manufactured socks and shoes.

This is such a little poppet of a doll. Very small and petite.

Jill's smocking and piping is always perfect and a delight to see.


  1. Gorgeous dress on an equally gorgeous girl. The WF girls really are quite petite and pretty aren't they?

  2. What a pretty sweetie!
    I love Jills dresses as they are just gorgeous in their neat simplicity.
    Wish I owned one. xx

  3. Lovely girl in her sweet smocked dress by Jill. Dear Kendal, is this the same sweet Jill that lives in Ireland? I think it might be because I recognize her handiwork. If so, I also have a dress by her talented hands :)

  4. Oh yes Kendal, I agree with everyone else's comments, simply gorgeous smock dress and I love the precision piping. I better never mention Wonder Web if Ms. Mackley is lurking :)

    P.S The fringe is nothing short of perfect. Girls tend to possess very strong views when it comes to fringes .......and tail combs :)