Saturday, 4 June 2011

Well! Never say Never!

Much 'Cool-er' looking Gregors today.


  1. They look just as winderful as in their winter wear!
    I didn't realise you had so many 'sons!'
    Almost enough for a football team.

  2. Hm - that was meant to be 'wonderful!. Winderful may be thought of as less than the compliment intended - sorry lads, you look WONDERFUL!

  3. I think they look winderfully wonderful too.
    Super set of sons in their paly clothes. Proper boys all of them xx

  4. Great picture of the boys! Wondered if you had gregors, Kendal. Are any of them no philtrims? They all seem to have their own unique characters and looks. My favorite is the fourth from the left. Priceless, thanks for sharing.

  5. Dr Lawrence Jones5 June 2011 at 05:40

    Hoorah – these boys clearly refused to wear turn-ups on their grey school trousers. Defo owners of records by The Inspiral Carpets. Come to think of, there is definitely a likeness (
    Would a Sasha girl be allowed to join a Majorettes troup or would her mother regard it as rather common? I suspect she’d own a clutch bag and listen to Woman’s Hour on Radio 4. How about a scene with Jane Garvey interviewing a Sasha doll?
    Any chance of a Goth Sasha?
    Keep up the good work Kendal :)

  6. Nice boys but sorry to say it...there isn't enough variation... ditch a couple of the brunettes....a nice ealy blonde boy...a Caleb...then the group would be fab :)