Friday, 3 June 2011

I'm still trying to persuade my lads to step out of their Winter Hoodies, joggers and saggy beanie hats in this blisteringly hot Summer weather.

Meet The Dollydoodle Gregor Gang! Whilst most of the girls have been sensible and got changed into their Summer dresses and shorts I am still trying to persuade the boys to shed their Dollydoodle Winter leisure wear and don their shorts, gilets and T-shirts but they are insisting that it's 'Cool' to be dressed as they are. I have pointed out it is in my opinion far from being 'Cool' more like being 'Baked' in this hot sunny weather.
I'll continue my request tomorrow and hope that I have better luck.

Left to right. Ross, Sam and Matt.

Left to right. Jac, Fritz and Luke.

Left to right. Luke, James and Iain.

James on the left, a Frido 1968/1969 and Sam on the right, a 1968 Frido. Both are brunette Dark Jeans boys.

Jac on the left, a 1970 Dark Jeans Gregor and who has been customised by Shelly and Luke on the right, another Frido 1969 Dark Jeans lad.

Iain on the left is a Trendon 1971 boy and Ross, on the right, a 1969 Trendon lad. Both are Dark Jeans kids.

No mistaking Fritz on the left, a 1960s slate eyed Gotz lad and Matt on the right who is a 1968 Frido crude eyed Gregor Shorts boy.


  1. Don't blame them - they all look so cool, even if they are too warm in another sense! I'm sure my boys would feel the same if they were lucky enough to own such outfits. Right now, they are arguing over who gets the one and only pair of bathing trunks!

  2. How funny,that row of those stubborn boys in their favorit outfits!

  3. It certainly was rather too hot to wear that gear yesterday, although today looks a bit 'cooler' so perhaps they are right not to change yet.

  4. Well if my favourite nephews give you trouble I shall have to have a word and maybe but off letting them see their cousins for the day until the behave themselves for their lovely Mummy! x

  5. Nice old fashioned german name for the german boy :)

    Aber wirklich sehr passend
    -wie alles was du vorzeigst, Kendal-
    und der einzige mit blondem Haar!
    Auf mich wirkt er norddeutsch ;)