Sunday, 29 May 2011

A few more Summer changes hit the scene.

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to see that you (1960s Gotz slate eyed girl) have had the red smocked dress taken off you already but glad that you are still able to have another brightly coloured dress to wear instead. Ruthsdolls smocked green checked dress, JJ sandals and commercially made socks.

1960s Gotz crude slate coloured eyed girl in the 'Frocks and Socks' Gingerbreadman dress with commercially made shoes and socks.

1970/71 Trendon waif with her eyes enhanced by Shelly as they were oxidising to green, in another 'Frocks and Socks' smocked dress (and so obviously recently taken/snatched? off the little Gotz red headed girl) with JJ sandals and commercially made socks.

1969 Gotz No-Navel in a Pinestreetstudio shorts outfit, JJ sandals and commercially made socks.


  1. Another lot of lovely girls in their summer dresses.

  2. I love the way they are dressed, special the yellow/brown shorts outfit from " Pinestreet studio" very sweet on her!

  3. Just found my daughter's Sasha from the early 70s and looking for outfits. Is there a website for Sasha-boutique?

  4. Try ebay..there are a host of talented Sasha dressmakers on there!

  5. Lovely Frocks and Socks outfits and the Pinestreet Studio as always. Divine.
    And Sandy! She hasnt got one yet but you will always see Sasha Boutique on Ebay and I will find out when and if she will be having her site for you ok? xx

  6. I take it that is Molly or Thelma with her Sasha Boutique? xx