Sunday, 5 June 2011

Getting ready for a day at the seaside next month when hopefully our mummy might be feeling a little better.

New hot pink shorts and Hoodie outfit from Dollydoodles with Dollfie sneakers.

A wide faced 1970/1 Gingham brunette waif with her slightly oxidised eyes and brows enhanced by Shelly.

Just need to find my hot pink frilly beach bag now then I'm already for the off to North Wales visit.

I wonder who else is coming with me? Hope that there are some of the other girls and it isn't just me and all those 'full of themselves in their Dollydoodle joggers, Hoodies and saggy beanie hats' boys.


  1. She'll definitely need a girl friend to go with her. Lovely hot pink outfit. Certainly wouldn't want to go to the seaside today though, where has the lovely sunny weather gone? Raining here this morning.

  2. Can I see her pink beach bag? Lol! Enjoy your trip xx

  3. Dr Lawrence Jones6 June 2011 at 11:08

    Why not treat them all to a ride on the Great Orme tram ( One of the boys can drive the tram :) Then you can all have a picnic on the top of the orme and entertain them with stories about life at Loreto :)