Wednesday, 1 June 2011

This blog is desperately in need of a change of scenery!.

Arrived at my optician's appointment an hour and a half too early (stupid me!) so whilst waiting I went on a couple of miles further down the road to Trentham Gardens and after having a delicious Cadwalader's award winning ice cream I discovered a couple of Sashas hiding still in the boot and as luck would have it I had my camera in my bag so.......!

The posing isn't quite as I would have liked it as I had to quickly snap them in between the rides when the children were getting on and off.

Looking rather untidy as her hair ribbons had obviously come loose during her hiding and rolling around in the car boot over the last few days. Sometimes I just give up!

Nevertheless I think that a good short time was had by all.

This roundabout was originally from Brighton Pier.


  1. Fancy them stowing away in the boot of your car. I just bet they knew you were going to be early so they could go for a ride on the merry go round horses!

  2. Her hair ribbons and hair got blown about on the ride just like any little girls would have.
    Werent they happy? xx

  3. Kendal, these photos are so colorful and wonderfully fun!!! I love your outdoor photos which are delightful :)