Sunday, 15 April 2012

More presents....

I LOVE chocolate especially the Easter eggs at Easter and this is one of my favourite brands, Ferrero Rocher, given to me by one of my brothers when he and his wife came over on my birthday.
(Afraid to say that there isn't much left of it now!)


Jill Mackley sent me this most attractive and useful box of notelets and the little lilac handbag containing the delightful little twin teddies which my new Easter Frido baby has snapped up for herself on her arrival here. (She and the teddies will be featured in a later post.) Many, many thanks Jill for your thoughtfuless in remembering my birthday.


More Easter themed birthday gifts from Sarah Price. The mini candy Easter eggs have long been gobbled up by the Brood. There was  at least two for each of them so luckily there were no squabbles. Some of the older kids are in the process of making me an Easter egg tree with the pastel ribboned eggs that were enclosed in the basket whilst the 'Just for You, Me to You' little bear trying to desguise himself as an Easter bunny looks on. Hopefully I'll take some photos when they finally finish it. Many thanks Sarah for your super birthday gifts.


A selection of more scrumptious chocolates to keep up my high sugar diet (good job that I'm not dietabetic!) More grateful thanks to another of my brothers, Steve (for my Easter treat) and two of my home friends .


Many thanks again Sarah. I'm now thinking that it's a good job that my birthday only comes once a year!


  1. Goodness Kendal, certainly a lot of sugary treats there! Enjoy as I am sure you are! :-)

  2. Ah, I sit here reading this as I eat and drink my chocolate breakfast. Good thing I wasn't reading it at lunch time, or I would have had to have chocolate for lunch as well :)

  3. "Mouth-watering... for sure!"
    Probably like every woman out there... I'm a choco-holic... there, I've admitted it... just love the stuff... ! Not as much as *Sashas*... but nonetheless... it's a *desire/need*... !

    Nothing quite like chocolate with hazelnuts... yummy... ! At Easter there is always a hugh selection of candy to be had... and you are very lucky, with your birthday being around that time, to stock up on the stuff before the Summer heat arrives.
    My my... you received a *wonderful* selection of chocolate(s)... and *micro eggs*... no less... !

    Notelets are always a *practical* gift... and the darling little matching plush bears... will be an *armful of cuteness* for your *new* Easter Frido baby. I'm looking very forward to meeting her... as babies are just completely and totally *irresistible*... !

    Lovely gifts from *lovely* friends... thank you.
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. I make a dessert called *Anni's Fudge Pie*... it's hard core chocolate that sets your heart pumping... served with whipped cream and a spinkling of cocoa on the top... TRES CHIC... !

  4. Wonderful treats Kendal and sure is a very sweet bunny :)

  5. What a lot of delightful goodies Kendal, my mouth is watering...

    (Now I understand the reason for our telephone conversation last night... Enjoy!!)

    Jill xx