Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New life at Easter

Easter means 'New Life' so I'm sidetracking a little here from my birthday gifts  to Easter Sunday, the day after my birthday to allow this little minty, gold tagged 1969 quirky eyebrowed baby Nightdress to make her debut. Why....?


She is an Easter gift from 'me to me', the first opportunity for a worthy occassion for a special gift since I already had my Gotz boy Niklaus lined up as a birthday gift.


She is being photograhed today to show the dearest twin teddy bears that Jill Mackley gave me for my birthday (more thanks Jill) and which this little tot has claimed for herself (....AND will later this week be photographed wearing Jackie Rhydstrom's gift.)


She has a really sweet little face that easily allows me to forgive the fact that her hair has just started to fall, shedding a couple of hairs but if tugged (...which naturally I shan't be doing!)


Meanwhile she is seen here in a Cuddlelugs (Shelia Vincent) finely knitted cotton matinee coat and little shoes that I bought especially for her (as she was arriving nude from  the US) off sashadolluk's website.


Couldn't resist showing yet another photo of her gorgeous face and lovely hairstyle.


Yet more thank yous heading down to Sarah W for her kindness and time.


  1. Sweet little baby Sasha Kendal and a lovely gift to yourself.

    Can you explain to me what quirky eyed means? Just so I know I am on the right track...and then I can go and examine my babies who tend to get neglected somewhat I have to admit.

  2. It's the term for the right eyebrow on some of the very first 1969 babies when the eyebrow was drawn/painted to slant upwards on the outside edge rather than downwards like on the later manufactured babies. At the moment I have two of the blonde boys and two of the brunette girls as I unfortunately had to sell on the third baby boy with one. They tend to be more highly priced on account of this.

    1. Thank you Kendal for explaining this. :-)

  3. She is beautiful Kendal, her outfit is gorgeous the little shoes are adorable as are the twin teddies. I think she's a much better Easter gift than an egg! :) Cathy x

  4. She is gorgeous Kendal, I love her. Such a cute little innocent face and gorgeous in white. Congratulations and well wear.
    Susan xx

  5. She looks so sweet in her white matinee coat and booties, a very clever choice. I love the little chair which is absolutely perfect for her twin bears. They seem to have made themselves at home, all they need now is some honey! Lovely, thank you Kendal

    Jill xx

  6. "An exceptional early brunette baby girl!"

    Simply *beautiful* face paint and that ever so sought after *quirky* brow... !

    Her finely knitted matinee coat and little shoes are perfect, as the color white against her dark vinyl contrast, making this *little jewel* POP... ! Looks like she loves her wee twin teddies... so cute... !

    Congratulations... she's the *perfect* birthday present... ! I'm thrilled you found her and she came to your home to live... as I know she will be cherished for her rarity and beauty.

    Photos are fabulous... *tender and sweet*... ! Many thanks... !
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne xx

  7. I do love the baby Sasha's and your new girl has such a sweet look.The white coat and shoes are lovely on her. A wonderful Easter gift to yourself, I must remember this idea for next Easter!

  8. Precious baby and her oufit is so soft and sweet. What a face :)

  9. Kendal,
    Would you be willing to post a picture of your wonderful baby with the right eyebrow (quirky) showing so we might see what it looks like?

    Thanks for sharing your "Sasha Family" -- I have learned to appreciate several members of the family that I might not have purchased if it wasn't for the personality you manage to find in each and every one of your Sashas and Gregors.

    And for all those friends who send you such thoughtful gifts for your Family -- you, too, are an inspiration and are appreciated.

    Hugs, Betty