Saturday, 14 April 2012

Featuring presents from Chon and Susan

For my main present from Chon she is hopefully driving me down to the Sasha Festival in Stratford-upon-Avon in June but sent these two gifts for me to open on the day,plus the You-tube version of  'Her Early Years.'
Firstly she has had some Jubilee Bunting especially made which spell out 'Kendal's Sasha Brood' in readiness for displaying in June to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and some notelets depicting one of my Frido NP dolls visiting the Trendon Factory in Stockport (my birthday treat from my sister actually on one of my previous birthdays) to view the newly converted and opened for sale luxury apartments.


The next surprise gift was from Susan Bulger Pomeroy, a Sasha friend of mine who collects just the Sasha babies. It is this delightful little vintage-sasha dress
seen here on one of my 1969 Gotz No-navel girls teamed with JJ sandals and commercially made socks. Many, many thanks Susan for this dear and sweet little dress set.


As some of you know that for many years I wouldn't even entertain looking at never mind buying one of these No-navel dolls.....


....But this is the THIRD one now in my collection and I am loving them. They were newly revamped dolls by the Gotz company in 1969 and are much sturdier and heavier and with fuller rooted hair.


I think that she looks absolutely stunning in this very pretty and fresh looking navy and white print dress.


I'm paricularly taken with her somewhat questioning look in this photo.


Thanks again Sarah for the excellently re-sized photos.


  1. The dress is gorgeous and I think your No Navel girl is stunning in it. I wasn't sure about these girls at first, like the other Gotz, but thanks to you Kendal ;-) I am now in love with them as well. I have a No Navel on my wish list! One day...

    Great gifts.

  2. One of the joys of viewing your blog Kendal is the large assortment of different Sashas and Gregors you own, be they perfect or waif's!
    This enables people to see and grow to love Sasha's they might otherwise have just passed by and also to see what might be out there just waiting for them.
    I only wanted one style of Sasha , now well the list just grows!! I even found myself admiring a No nose the other day! something I was sure would never happen.

    So keep up the good work it is alway such a pleasure to look on your blog to see what 'new' wonderful Sasha will be looking back and showing her wonderful clothes and shoes.

  3. A *BEAUTIFUL* example of a 69 no-navel... !

    This girl has everything... ! I love the more *detailed* eyes found on the 69 no-navels as compared to the 70 no-navels.

    Now to the gifts... !
    Wonderful of Chon to be your personal *driver* to the festival... (yay!) ... in addition, to the gorgeously composed *you-tube* video, Jubilee Bunting and notelets... very nice... ! She certainly knows what her Mum likes... !
    Susan picked out a darling *vintage-sasha* dress for you... I never tire of blue and white on little girls... especially on little girls with eyes of blue... perfectly paired up with matching JJ leather sandals... and crisp white socks. A really *sweet and tender* look for this lusciously beautiful no-navel. She's a very photogenic girl... isn't she... ! (A lovely and generous gift.)

    Love your photos Kendal... each frame is pure *beauty*... many thanks... !
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne

    1. I agree with Anne, I too, love the eyes on the '69 NoNa's compared with the '70 eyes. She is a super looking girl!

  4. I love the no navels and this little girl is a real beauty (another on my dream wish list) and her dress is stunning, it suits her perfectly. Love the notelets and the bunting too! Cathy x

  5. Cerelia is visiting today and she says:

    " i really like her blonde hair and her dress is... hmm, i give it two thumbs up... ! and, her shoes are terrific... !"
    age 7

  6. Beautiful girl and perfect outfit, the blue is so nice on her!!!

  7. A beautiful girl and delightful dress by Sarah, just wonderful, thank you Kendal

    Jill xx