Thursday, 8 March 2012

VERY belated postings of some 70th birthday presents

Feeling very guilty about the time that it has taken to photograph and add to my blog these exquiste Sasha-orientated presents (more to follow in the next installments) given to me by Susan Bulger-Pomeroy but ten months of last year turned out to be rather a write off. Luckily I'm back on track now and as the saying goes...'Better late than never!'


On opening up the most attractive be-ribboned pink gift box out popped this delightfully adorable, grey plush, little Steiff elephant on his bright red ready-to-be-pulled-along wheels. Excitment filled the air as all THE Sasha Brood rushed in to see. A million thanks Auntie Susan for this gorgeously cute little elephant.

My, what a lovely, long trunk you have. What do you use that for?


I think that I'm going to call you 'Steffi-the-Ellie.'


Why have you only got such a little tail but such a big trunk?


Give us a big hug then!


Oh so this is the now famous gold tag in the ear that I hear people talk about.
Love you!


Thousands of thanks heading to Sarah W for her help yet again.


  1. Kendal..So sweet! lovely little story,I think this little baby has 'claimed' this gorgeous Elephant do you? Lovely as always,tell me Kendal- When are you going to publish a book?you really should you know !!
    Chris xx

  2. my granddaughter is visiting today and she says:

    i like the elephant a lot and the trunk is my favorite part. i like the photo of the baby hugging the elephant and also the baby
    looking at the little tail.
    age 6

  3. Wonderful photos of baby with the precious Steiff Ellie! Such a very nice gift from Susan :)

  4. Dearest Kendal,
    Your photography has captured my granddaughter's heart. Today when we were out and about she says to me... "Oma... we should take a picture of that and write a story." Just to fill you in.. we had "Little Kendal" in tow with us.

    Moving on here... I just adore this post of yours today... simply precious... Steffi-the-Ellie is adorable and picture perfect...
    your little Sasha is quite the photogenic tot and lovingly adores her new furry grey friend... amazing pics...!!

    You are the *only* person I know who can take a baby and a plush elephant and turn it into something extraordinary... your talent never ceases to amaze me... which is why I return to your blog everyday.

    Love the colors... the simple story line... and how you make *things* so special and wonderful... always a delight to see.

    Thank you from every Sasha lovin' cell in my body for being who you are... a very fabulous woman.
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne xx

  5. Hi Kendal
    Loving this little Elephant and loving the fact I can now leave a comment lol.
    love Shelly xxx

  6. i love these photos the most, the elephant is gorgeous and the red of the outfit just matches so well.....lovely photos as always and like others have said you should publish a book !....
    sarah x