Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Second Frido Graphic Eyed Doll

This 1966 Frido doll with the graphic eye painting is a Dungaree girl and came in the grey denim dungarees, white blouse and white sandals.


Here she has on a vintage-sasha dungaree set in peach tones suitable for the spring and Summer months, with Ruthsdoll's shoes.


Peach certainly suits these red headed girls so she has chosen a OOAK Ruthsdoll's homespun smocked checked front opening dress to wear for the Autumn and Spring months with JJ sandals and commercially made socks.



Many thanks to Sarah W for her usual wonderful downloading.


  1. A Spring beauty!

    Just in time for Spring... a gorgeous graphic eyed girl... beautiful hand painted eyes and brows.
    Her vintage-sasha outfit is peachy fresh just like Spring itself... with a blouse made from fabric covered in tiny multi-colored blossoms... am quite fond of those large blossom-like buttons on her dungarees... very well done and the peach color is *stunning* on her.
    Likewise... she is lovely in her soft peachy plaid OOAK Ruths dress with those darling and innocently styled cut-out sandals by JJ... simple and sweet.
    By coming to your blog Kendal... I have developed an appreciation for pink and peach on these red-haired beauties... guess it goes to show that we are never too old to learn something new and wonderful... many thanks.
    Nice photos of a super *special* girl... tons of gratitude.
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. Kendal, Kendal, kendal, another of your stunning dolls! You have such an eye for coulour as she is dressed beautifully!
    Love Steve XXX

  3. Your dolls are SO lovely...I wish you would publish a book of them! I am not new to Sasha, having played with them from age 3 to 13, but now 30 years later am new to these on-line treasures, and this whole world of beautiful Sasha's and their enthusiasts! Since I discovered Sasha on the internet a couple of months ago she is almost all I can think about, oh dear! But I have so many questions, even though I have bought two books- for example, what are these terms, "developmental" and "graphic"? Would you mind explaining just a little bit more, although the pictures I am sure are worth a hundred words! Thank you for sharing! -Kirsten from upstate NY

  4. She is amazing Kendal!!!! I love her eyes :)