Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Helping Mummy in the garden.

Mummy fell in love with the leaves of this tree, an Acer Plat Drommondii, so naturally she bought it. Fritz is planting it near to the conservatory so that it can be seen and admired from there as well as when out in the garden. We shall be carefully watching it's growth (both above and under the ground with the root system) and prunning it accordingly.

Might just need to add another supporting stake at an angle before the Winter and the gales come.

The young trunk looks sturdy enough though.

I hope Fritz that Judith of Dollydoodles doesn't spot the soil on the back of your new T shirt when you fell over.

Planting trees is exhausting work so time for a quick 'forty-winks' me thinks.

Mummy has wanted a Sea Holly plant for some years now but had not seen one for sale in the local garden centres.

So we all saved our pocket money and bought her this one for her recent birthday.

I think that it looks a good healthy plant.

It has already started opening a spikey flower on the top.

James is helping to plant out a box of red Bizzy-Lizzys as they bring a splash of colour to the various greens of the evergreen shrubs.

Mummy doesn't have many annual plants now as over the last few years we have had a hose-pipe ban from as early as May due to the lack of rain here in Cheshire.

Sally helping water some of the Runner Bean plants that we have grown from seed.

After the watering we bring them into the conservatory overnight
as they are not quite ready to be sown out into the ground in case there is a last frost due to the moon's movement.

They look good sturdy healthy plants so hopefully over the next two months they will bring in a good crop as we like to pick them when they are small and tender rather than buy them from the supermarkets which are left to grow to a bigger (and tougher) size to gain the maximum profit.


  1. It's good to have helpers in the garden. Our bean plants are flowering so I am quite excited about getting beans this year.

  2. HMMM! Time to get my lazy Sashas and Gregors to work in the garden. They are much more prone to enjoying the view and playing on the lawn, whilst I do the work.
    Next time the sun shines, I'll sit in a deck chair with a glass of Pimms and direct them in the noble art of weeding - the time honoured rite of passage for all child garden helpers. They can be bribed with the promise of all those almost ripe strawberries.

  3. Marvellous! Super pics. What great kids.
    I love the little Gotz girl with the sea holly and cant wait to see it soon.
    Love all these pics Kendal.
    Sarah and the rest! xx

  4. Dr. Lawrence Jones9 June 2011 at 23:59

    Dear Eric Robson

    Can you please recruit some of these gardening experts on Radio 4's 'Gardeners' Question Time' please? I should also be most grateful if you would also ask Ms. Jill Burridge - WH editor - to feature Sasha dolls on Woman's Hour.

    Your sincerely,

    A very serious R4 listener