Monday, 6 June 2011

Enjoying the continued sunshine.

1967 NP with bobbed hair in another version of the Pinestreetstudio shorts and smock style with JJ sandals and Trendon socks and also enjoying one of Jill Mackley's sundaes..

1970 Trendon girl, a favourite doll with visitors, seen here wearing a Pinestreetstudio shorts and smock set with JJ sandals and commercially made socks.

Seen here playing with the bead and wire puzzle that Cathy Buckler-Mellor gave them as my get well present.

1971 Trendon Brunette with dark eyes wearing a Sashawardrobe T shirt and Ruthsdoll's gingham seersucker pleated skirt. (Bright pink JJ sandals and commercially made socks not shown.)

Cooling down in this continuing hot, sunny weather with an ice cream sundae bought for them by Jill Mackley.

Auntie Sarah, here is my frilled beach bag that you asked to see. My mummy bought it for me last year when we were going to Llandudno, Deganwy and Conwy.


  1. The look smashing in the their summer attire. We had sun this morning, but now it is overcast and a bit chilly.

  2. Thank you my darling niece and her Mummy for being so very thoughtful towards me.
    Love from Aunty Sarah and all your cousins xx