Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A very special thank you to the Sasha_Mart member who posted this delightful little photo.

Unfortunately when I first spotted it my eye sight had been so weakened by the recent surgery that I was unable to read the small print underneath and when I went back to it some days later it had obviously gone into a member's personal folder and so I wasn't able to track it down again without actually going through ALL the folders..
I was absolutely delighted with it and thank you very much.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful and well done to the postee!! xx

  2. Dear Kendal,
    The get well wishes were posted by me and others joined in too and extended their good wishes with the photo. If you look under Ginger's folder, you will find this sweet baby with your messages. You are very loved by Sasha collectors everywhere :)
    Sasha hugs,

  3. Ginger is a star isnt she? xx